Elu computing


Software development

We undertake on all kinds of software development, from webportals, ecommerce sites, mobile application to rich client applications with silverlight.

We build software that is customized for your business. In building custom softwares we learn about our customers and the nature of theirbusiness first. By choosing us you get a solution that is customized to yourbusiness workflow to help maintain your unique competitive advantage.


Web Design 

We believe in delivering quality websites that clearly represents our clients brand. Our web design/development team are experts inweb technologies like asp.net,php dyjango, silverlight and other modern mobiletechnologies. Our web design services includes social web integration, searchengine optimization and marketing.

Consulting Services

We offer consulting services from software development to deployment of softwares and network solutions. We help in prototyping,designing, developing and deploying custom solutions.

Software Design Consulting: 

 We are a leadingprovider in software development and provide consulting in design/deployment inthe following

ASP.NET, Microsoft SQL Server 2005/2008/2012, WindowsServers, Ubuntu Desktop, Silverlight, Mobile application development on Windows phones, Android, Black Berry and Iphone.

Cloud Consulting

This service is available for clients that willing to deployor extend their enterprise services to the Microsoft azure platform or VirtualPrivate servers on Amazon.


Network and Software deployment projects

We at Elucomputing have qualified staff and man power indesigning network solutions for small, medium and large enterprises. We deployboth LAN and WAN networks both wired and wireless to deployments of desktopsand server computers.

We are Microsoft partners and therefore can provide you withoriginal licenses for both windows servers and related technology to Microsoftoffice.

We also deploy opensource softwares such as Libre Office,ubuntu desktop and server.